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von Göler (Hrsg.) / GmbH Online-Kommentar / § 67

§ 67 Registration of liquidators

(1) The first liquidators and their powers of representation are to be registered for entry in the Commercial Register by the directors, and each change in the person of one of the liquidators and each change in their power of representation is to be registered by the liquidators for entry in the Commercial Register.

(2) The application must include the documents concerning the appointment of the liquidators or the change in the person of one of the liquidators in the original or publicly certified copies thereof.

(3) The liquidators are to give their assurance in the application that no circumstances exist which preclude their appointment in accordance with section 66 (4), in conjunction with section 6 (2) sentence 2 nos. 2 and 3 and sentences 3 and 4, and that they have been instructed about their unlimited duty to disclose information to the court. Section 8 (3) sentence 2 applies.

(4) The court makes the entry regarding the appointment or dismissal of the liquidators ex officio.

(5) (repealed)

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