von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 66

§ 66 Liquidators

(1) In cases where the company is wound up, except in the event of insolvency proceedings being opened against the company, the directors shall liquidate the company unless this task is assigned to other persons in the articles of association or by a resolution passed by the shareholders.

(2) Upon the application of shareholders whose shares together amount to at least one tenth of the share capital, the liquidators may be appointed by the court for important reasons.

(3) The liquidators may be dismissed by the court under the same conditions as are applicable to their appointment. Liquidators who are not appointed by the court may also be dismissed by a resolution passed by the shareholders before the end of the period for which they were appointed.

(4) Section 6 (2), second and third sentences, shall apply mutatis mutandis when selecting the liquidators.

(5) If the company has been dissolved by deletion from the Commercial Register for lack of funds, the company shall be liquidated only if it transpires after the deletion that there are assets which must be distributed. The liquidators shall be appointed by the court upon the application of a party concerned.

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