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von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 10

§ 10 Content of entry

(1) The company’s business name and the place of its registered office, a domestic business address, the purpose of the enterprise, the amount of the share capital, the date of the conclusion of the articles of association and the names of the directors must be stated when the entry is made in the Commercial Register. The nature of the directors’ powers of representation must also be entered.

(2) If the articles of association contain provisions on the term of the company or on the authorised capital, these determinations must also be included in the entry. If a person authorised to take receipt of declarations of intent and deliveries to the company is registered for entry in the Commercial Register with a domestic address, this information must also be entered; this authorisation continues to apply vis-à-vis third parties until such time as it is deleted from the Commercial Register and the deletion has been made known, unless the lack of authorisation was known to the third party.

(3) (repealed)

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