von Göler (Hrsg.) / Thomas Wülfing / Section 5

Section 5 Share capital; share

(1) The company’s share capital must amount to no less than twenty-five thousand euros.

(2) The nominal value of each share must be a full euro amount. A shareholder may subscribe to several shares upon formation of the company.

(3) The amount of the nominal values of the individual shares may be variously determined. The sum total of the nominal values of all the shares must equal the amount of the share capital.

(4) If contributions in kind are to be made, the object of the contribution in kind and the nominal value of the share to which the contribution in kind refers must be specified in the articles of association. The shareholders shall set forth in a report on company formation on the basis of contributions in kind the material circumstances which establish the appropriateness of the payments for contributions in kind and, where an enterprise is transferred to the company, shall state the annual results of the two previous financial years.

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