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von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 35

§ 35 Representation of company

(1) The company is represented in and out of court by the directors. If a company has no director, the company is represented by the shareholders whenever declarations of intent are made or documents are served on it.

(2) Where several directors have been appointed, they are only all jointly entitled to represent the company, unless otherwise provided in the articles of association. Where a declaration of intent is to be made to the company, it is sufficient for it to be made to one representative of the company in accordance with subsection (1). Declarations of intent may be made to and documents addressed to the company may be served on the representatives of the company referred to in subsection (1) under the address entered in the Commercial Register. Notwithstanding this, the declarations may also be made to and documents may also be served under the registered address to persons authorised in accordance with section 10 (2) sentence 2.

(3) Where all the company’s shares are held by one shareholder or, in addition, by the company and that shareholder is at the same time the sole director, section 181 of the Civil Code applies to that shareholder’s legal transactions with the company. Legal transactions between the shareholder and the company which that shareholder represents are, even if he or she is not the sole director, to be documented without delay following their performance.

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