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von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 36

§ 36 Targets and deadlines in respect of equal participation of women and men

The directors of a company which is subject to co-determination set targets regarding the proportion of women in the two management levels below the directors. The targets must define the intended share of women on each management level and must, where this is quoted in percentages, correspond to full numbers of persons. If the directors set the target for the share of women on one of the management levels at zero, they are required to provide clear and comprehensible grounds for this decision. The grounds must state in detail the considerations on which the decision was based. If the proportion of women is less than 30 per cent when the targets are set, the targets may no longer fall below the previously achieved proportion of women. At the same time, deadlines are to be set by which these targets are to be achieved. The deadlines may not exceed five years in each case.

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